Planning to adopt a rescue dog?

Adopt a Senior Golden Retriever Dog.

As you consider what age dog to adopt and bring into your family, please be sure to consider the joys and merits of adopting a senior dog. A “senior” is usually considered to be a dog at least 7 years old. This more experienced dog brings with him or her a more established temperament and easier adaptability to a new loving home. Having left puppy days behind, the senior dog is ready to be a loyal and loving companion, probably without the need for house training and obedience training (which have been accomplished long ago).

This is not to say that an older dog wouldn’t enjoy the training experience with you. Older pups have a longer attention span than puppies and often thrive on this kind of one-on-one time with their owner. Another consideration is that an older dog may be a good choice for an older person – both individuals may have slowed down some and be very compatible.

There is sometimes the concern that there must be something “wrong” with a senior dog who has found himself in need of a new home. This is seldom the case. Much more likely is a problem in the former home or a change in circumstances, such as illness or death in the family, moving, divorce, travel, etc.

Like canines of all ages, senior dogs need love and consistent security. They also need good nutrition, exercise appropriate for their abilities and regular medical care. The cost of medical care for an older dog is not necessarily greater than that for a young dog…and all the young dog expenses have already been paid!

While a puppy or young dog might be thought of as a promise yet to come, the joy of a senior dog might be thought of as wisdom already demonstrated. These seniors offer so much in loyalty and companionship and ask for so little. They are proven commodities just waiting to show their devotion and add value to your life as you add value to theirs.