Violet - Istanbul - Please read description

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Violet is our very sweet blind girl. She was found in an Istanbul shelter, being kept in a small cage. Upon arrival at GRRR we discovered a couple of bumps. Our vet removed two tumors from her, one was found to be cancerous. It was a unique tumor that we had encountered and had succesfully treated once before in a turkey dog. She gets weekly chemo treatments that started March 28th and will conclude in early May. She is doing great and her body has responded well to the treatments as hoped. 

* If you are interested in adopting Violet please read: She will need to be the only dog in the house. Unlike most blind dogs, she is very independent and very protective of food and toys. She is a great companion girl, but MUST be a solo dog. As usual with turkey dogs, no cats. The potential adopter will have to be close enough to continue her treatments at Arvada West. None of the above is negotiable, sorry. This is in Violets best interest.

She is a very loving and playful. A very sweet girl that loves walks and rolling in the grass. She will be a wonderful companion in the perfect forever home. Thank you.