Violet - Istanbul - Adopted 7/2/17

Hello!  I'm known at GRRR as "Sweet Violet".  I'm a 6-year-old Golden girl and I came all the way from Istanbul, Turkey, to meet you.  It's been a long ordeal for me as well as my other Golden friends who came on this journey with me, but it was so worth it to finally be safe.  We've all had best medical attention possible provided by Dr. Carpenter and the staff at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital.  Phoebe's Place has given us a chance to romp and play and really get to know each other.  We are all so thankful!

Now, one by one, each of the Turkey Dogs has found a loving new home -- except me.  I have some special challenges that haven't made me the most adoptable pup of the group, but I just know you are that very special person who will come for me soon.  My only desires in life are to be safe, loved and have a family to call my very own.

I'm blind and probably have been since birth.  I have mature cataracts that cannot be fixed.  Can you even imagine how I ever survived as an abandoned stray in the forests and streets of Turkey with no eye site?  I even gave birth to at least one litter of precious puppies somewhere along the way.  Often, when people first meet me, they don't even realize I have no eyesight.  After living on my own, I'm quite the seasoned survivor! 

I've had two tumors removed.  One was benign and the other required chemo.  I just finished my treatments and my body responded well to them. I am fully recovered and am feeling very healthy. 

I get around well and have a lot of confidence.  I'm happy, easy going and friendly to all I meet.  I love to play with toys and roll in the soft grass.  The walks I go on with the volunteers are the most fun I've ever had!

I'm going to make a special person/family a wonderful, loving and very grateful companion!  I can't wait to meet you!  Now it's my turn to head to my forever home like the rest of my friends have done.  I will be smiling the entire trip home, and when we arrive I will breathe the happiest sigh of relief . It will be so wonderful to snuggle up to you and know that I am really, truly HOME and have a forever family of my very own!

* If you are interested in adopting Violet please read: She will need to be the only dog in the house. Unlike most blind dogs, she is very independent and very protective of food and toys. She is a great companion girl. As usual with turkey dogs, no cats. 

*For further information about any of the dogs please complete an adoption application