Goldie - Adopted 10/24/17

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Goldie is a sweet girl who has had a troubled past.  At 3 years old she was returned to the shelter where she was born.  The woman at the shelter recognized that she had been part of a litter born there.  Seeing this scared little girl she contacted a friend who had adopted her brother to see if she would foster her.  This shelter was a high kill shelter and the woman knew she wouldn’t be alive for very long because of the overcrowding with strays.  Goldie was taken home with her foster mom where she got out of the car and dashed under the porch where she hid for 2 weeks.  Terrified from the life she had lived this little girl wouldn’t even come out to play with her brother.  Their mom was a golden retriever but we are unsure what breed her father might be.  Goldie arrived at Phoebe’s Place where she hid for one day and then she was told to put her big girl shoes on because there is a lot of fun and love she’s missing out on!  She quickly trusted the other dogs and was playing well with everyone.  But when it came to people, she is doesn’t trust us.  After several months she is very excited when it’s time to eat, but worries when you get close to her that you are going to hurt her.  She is learning to go for walks and receive attention from our volunteers who visit her daily.  Goldie would do best in an all adult home with a well-adjusted dog to show her the way, and a patient, loving family to give her the confidence she needs to bloom into a loved family member. Goldie would also do best in a home where she is not left alone (no humans) for more that a few hours each day.

Goldie is very sweet, and really deserves a new life with a wonderful person or couple.

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