Ellie - Adopted

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Available soon for adoption: Ellie is 5 years old and survived a living hell having been in a puppy mill.  She was part of a large seizure where 75 animals were removed from the same property and the owner was charged with 37 counts of animal abuse.  Ellie and the others lived in the shelter for 3 months waiting for the case against the owner to be determined.  Finally the owner released the animals to the custody of the shelter.  We were asked to take 8 of the dogs who had been used by her in her breeding business to produce Golden Doodles.  We knew that Ellie had mammary masses and would need to be spayed.  But we were pretty shocked when this little 25 lb girl arrived.  We wondered if she was used in producing Mini Golden Doodles.  She was so small.  Ellie is full of life and spunk.  These big dogs have nothing on her!  She is always having a great time and has so much energy.  Ellie’s life has really changed since she has arrived.  She is great in the house, seems to have figured out that she goes potty outside.  Ellie enjoys the comforts of living in a home, she snuggles up with her foster mom on the couch to watch T.V., eats every kibble that is offered, plays like a puppy and loves the company of the other dogs.  If you are looking for a spunky smaller sized doodle, Ellie may just be your girl. 

Elllie is currently not available for adoption as we are awaiting the pathology reports from the mammary tumors which have been removed.