Gracie - Adopted 5/20/17

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Gracie a 18 month old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix.  Gracie is a very sweet and very special girl.  Gracie’s story started when she was adopted as a puppy from a shelter.  She was adopted by a single woman who seemed to want her very much.  Gracie’s new owner decided to have a male roommate move in.   Months passed and Gracie was returned to the shelter, no longer the fun loving puppy that she was when she was adopted.  Gracie was terrified, especially of men.  GRRR was asked to help Gracie and we said yes.  Gracie arrived and was so frightened.  She quickly came out of her shell while in the house, but became fearful when she would be placed in the kennel to get socialized and work towards trusting people again.  Gracie is a loving girl and is the activies director in the house.  She is always playing.  Gracie has a lot of baggage that she still needs to work through and several of our volunteers have made Gracie a priority in getting her to trust and love people again.  Many hours have been spent with Gracie, working with her fears, getting her comfortable with being with people, especially men.  Gracie has issues with protecting her space or home, and we are not sure she will get over this behavior.  If you have a home that has a lot of company, she wouldn’t do well.  If you are a homebody who doesn’t socialize with your dog and friends dogs, than she might be a great girl for you.   Someone hurt this girl and broke her trust in humans, now it’s taking a lot to get that trust rebuilt.  Being part Great Pyrenees, she will always be a protector of “her own”, they are so loyal to those they love.