Kona - Adopted 11/30/17

Kona is a 3 yr old Golden mix who pretty much ran the streets and lived by his own rules for most of his life.  Kona knew the shelter staff well, in fact they would see him running on their way into work and give him a lift to the shelter.  With his owners not being very responsible, he was not neutered so we imagine there are a lot of little Konas living in the town where he came from.  Kona would be left at the shelter until it was time for him to go up for adoption and his family would then reclaim him.  The fees were changed and they didn’t come for him so off to GRRR he was sent to be neutered and find a wonderful new family.  Kona had some anxiety issues when he arrived that surprised us in his foster home.  Kona was placed on medication to help with that.  Kona responded very well and no longer drools, sits by the door and cries when he is left by his person.  He is a very confident boy and does need to learn he is not in charge.  Kona needs an obedience class to work with him and help him understand that his human will take care of him, not the other way around.  He is a good little watch dog, and will alert you if you have a visitor.  Kona has settled down and really needs someone who is active and can enjoy being outside with his person.  Kona would like someone who understands his unique situation and can work with him to give him a new life with people who are responsible, loving and care for him.

* If interested, please read our adoption process and complete an adoption applicatio.