Chip: Adopted 12/9/15

Handsome Chip, who is 3-1/2 years old,  is a special needs Golden boy who is searching for a wonderful, loving family to adopt him.  If there was ever a fellow who deserves to be pampered, loved and helped, it's Chip.

When Chip was just 8 weeks old, he was attacked by a large dog in his new home, and that's how he got the indentation in his forehead.  We can't even imagine how scared and hurt he must have been.  He was nursed back to health, but earlier this year he started having seizures.  It is very likely the seizures are a result of his injury.  His family did what they could to help him, but because of finances they decided to surrender him to GRRR rather than having this sweet boy euthanized.

Chip is on thyroid medicine and is slimming down nicely. Because of his seizure medications, he always appears to be a bit "tipsy."  Our hope is the neurologist who is working with Chip will be able to get his seizures under control so he can live a more normal life.

Chip has many new friends at GRRR.  His foster siblings all greet him with happy wags and love their big playmate.   He is very loved by all of the volunteers.  It is so heartwarming to see him now -- playing, snuggling and enjoying life in spite of his challenges.  Things are definitely looking up for this lovable boy.

There is nothing that would make Chip happier than finding a family to call his own.  Are you that special person/family who would be able to work with his medications and doctors to help get the seizures under control?  He's such a handsome, loving, playful Golden who will make you smile and be your best cuddle buddy.  He will be eagerly awaiting the very best day of his life -- the day when you come to take him to his forever home.

Age: 3 1/2 yrs

Gender: Male