Colbie Adopted 12/23/15

Hello new family!  I'm sure you're out there reading this and will soon come by for a visit.  My name is Colbie and I'm 9 years old.  As you might have guessed, I'm not a Golden Retriever -- I'm a Chesapeake Bay Retriever -- but GRRR gladly took me under their wing when my owner was too ill to care for me. 

I'm an easy going girl and I've adjusted well to life with a bunch of fun loving Goldens.  I've made lots of human friends, too, and they give me all the love and attention I've been longing for.  Even though I'm out of shape from lack of exercise, I'm always ready to get out for a long walk with one of the volunteers -- and work off a few extra pounds.

I've been told I'm quite pretty with my nice coat, loving expression and beautiful eyes.  I don't know about that, but I can tell you for sure I'm a great gal with a happy attitude and I can't wait to meet you!  My plan is to make sure you're never lonely and always have a companion by your side.  I'm ready to start a new life where I can devote my love and attention to my new forever family.   Please come by for a visit soon.  Once we get acquainted, I don't think you will be going home without me.

Age: 9 yrs

Gender: Female