Daphne - Adopted 12/7/15

Beautiful Daphne is a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees.  This sweet girl was rescued from a very abusive and stressful life.  Although she still carries some scars from the past, she has responded with love and appreciation to everyone who has helped her.  She is a very special girl.

Before joining GRRR, Daphne lived outdoors where she was attacked by aggressive animals.  As a result, she suffered trauma in her right eye, which eventually caused blindness in that eye.  She is naturally so sensitive and shy, and you can only imagine the effect this had on her.  Typical of her breed, she is prone to lovingly guarding her home and property.

Daphne is an independent girl who needs her space, yet because of her background she also craves love and patience from those around her.  Unlike most Great Pyrenees, Daphne prefers to be inside -- safe and secure with her people.  She truly loves all humans and gets along best with male dogs.

When Daphne first meets you, she will be a little shy, but that will soon disappear when she knows she can trust you.  Then she will like nothing more than gentle pets and special time spent with you.  Daphne will make a wonderful companion for someone who understands the Great Pyrenees breed, and she will win heart in no time with her sweet spirit and loving ways.  Can't you just imagine the holidays with Daphne safely curled up in her cozy new home with you?

Age: 3 yrs

Gender: Female