Dakota - Adopted 1/30/16

Dakota is a sweet 10 year old Aussie mix who came into GRRR with a golden retriever. The girls came from a very loving home, but their family found out that their young son’s asthma was a result of his allergies to dogs, among other things. 
Very heartbroken to have to give up the girls they loved for several years, they knew that GRRR would find them a wonderful new home. 

Dakota has enjoyed her foster home at Phoebe’s Place. Dakota enjoys many walks each day by the volunteers. 

Dakota is pretty active for a 10 year old, although her family said she was always the one who preferred to hang out at home, she seems to have overcome that and is ready to go each time a volunteer comes to walk her.  Dakota does love to just hang out too, she is a great partner to just cuddle up while you are watching T.V. or reading a book.
Dakota is really a sweetheart who does well with other dogs, but wouldn’t mind being the only dog who gets someone’s undivided attention.

Dakota would love to find a new home where she can again be part of a loving family.

Age: 10 yrs

Gender: Female