Ginger: Adopted 1/7/16

(Not yet ready for adoption: under tratment and evaluation)

Ginger came to GRRR after being surrendered by her family who was moving and were unable to take her along. 
Ginger weighed in at 132 lbs and probably should be around 65, maybe 70 lbs.   

Ginger has had some medical tests done, has some lumps and bumps that still need to be removed.  Ginger came to us in need of a “spa day” which she has had in steps.  Her matted coat has been brushed out, her ears cleaned and treated for infection. 

 Her feet were trimmed  so that she was no longer walking on her own hair and a large sticker that was imbedded in her pad has been removed.  Can you even imagine how that must have hurt to be walking around carrying double your weight with a sticker stabbing you in the foot with each step.  Poor girl.  

She appreciates everything, you can just see it in her eyes.  After her first spa session, she was her foster mom’s new shadow.  Ginger did have some wag left in her tail and she started giving everyone her sweet golden smile. 

Ginger will be looking forward to finding a new home, one that will appreciate this sweet girl who has so much love to give.   Ginger is good with dogs, cats and older children.


Gender: Female