Annie - Adopted 12/20/15

Annie is not quite ready for adoption.   

Annie was a breeder and not treated well, adopted and fearful so given to someone who had her for a few years and kept her and many other dogs in crates most of the time. 

Annie came to us very frightened and is slowly learning to trust people and relax with the other dogs.  Annie is 6 years old and a breeding mom for most of her life.  The last year she has been taken from that breeding situation, given up to someone because she just wasn’t what they expected with a golden retriever.  So she went to another place where she was kept mostly in a crate with a lot of other dogs in crates too.   

Once she arrived at GRRR, she quickly learned that being on the sofa next to Stella was where she felt safe.  Stella just seems to let them know that they are going to be okay when they arrive at GRRR’s Phoebe’s Place.  Annie seems very fearful of being locked outside.  When she is asked if she wants to go outside, she dashes out the door,  does her business and dashes back inside like she is afraid the door will close her out forever.   Annie is very overweight, and is now on a prescription diet food.   This past week she was playing with the other dogs which about made her foster mom cry thinking she would take much longer to learn to play.  

She is coming around, but will need a home where she will get continue to work on her self-confidence and trust that she has been missing in her life.  You can see  the fear in her eyes in the pictures, she has a long way to go.  Just the new setting was frightening to her. 

Age: 6 yrs

Gender: Female