Rufus - Adopted 1/9/16

Rufus is a Golden/Shepherd mix who is approximately6 years old.  He's longing to find a forever family to call his very own.  He's hoping you will be that special person/family who will give him a second chance at a happy life.

Rufus asked us to tell you about some of his best qualities.  He knows how to sit, down, stay and speak.  He's proud to say he travels well in the car and is good with cats.  He's playful and energetic with other dogs and is always ready for a romp.  As you can tell from his photos, he's quite the handsome lad and can melt you with those soulful eyes.

Rufus was surrendered to a shelter because his family had 6 children and there was no time to care for him or give him the attention and training all family dogs require.  Although usually trustworthy in the house alone, 8 hour days were too long for him to go without a potty break.  One time he chased a child on a bicycle and nipped his ankle.  Soon after that he found himself at the shelter bewildered and all alone.  That's when GRRR came to his rescue.

What Rufus needs now is a patient, loving person/family to bring out the best in him.  Are you that special person who can help him with his training and give him the love and security he has been missing up until now?  Rufus would sure love to meet you soon and hopefully find himself heading to a happier life as your well loved companion.  

Age: 6 yrs

Gender: Male