Farley: Adopted 02/13/16

Hello there!  My name is Farley and I've been searching everywhere for you.  In fact one day I was out trying to find you and was taken to the shelter as a stray. That actually worked out pretty well because when no one came to claim me, the nice people at GRRR came to get me and told me they will make sure you and I find each other. 

I'm approximately 8 yrs. old and a very handsome, charismatic Golden with something special mixed in.  I find it hard to believe that's my real age because I still feel -- and act -- like a puppy.  I LOVE my toys, and tennis balls of any color are my favorites. I have such fun playing with all the other dogs in my foster home.

The reason I'm trying to find YOU is because I know you give me all the love and attention a sweet guy like me deserves and so desperately needs.  It would be great if you have a buddy for me to play with, too, because I'm such a fun loving, social guy.

I have a couple of lumps GRRR is going to have the doctor remove before I go home with you.  Other than that, I'm ready to join my new family, and before long you'll be saying, "Farley, how did we ever get along without you?"  And I will be saying the very same thing to you!   

Age: 8 yrs

Gener: Male