Buster - Adopted 3/4/16

When you adopt Buster, you will be opening up an entirely new and wonderful world to this deserving boy.  He is approximately 16 months and has lived his entire life on a chain outside.  He even ended up at the shelter still dragging his chain behind him.  No one came for him, and as soon as his mandatory hold time was up we scooped him up and brought him into our care.  If ever a fellow deserved a new life, it's Buster. 

Buster is learning day by day about some of the pleasures in life.  Before joining GRRR he apparently never had toys or even played fetch.  He just stares at the toys when they are given to him but has no idea what to do with them. Our hope is he will soon learn to enjoy some of the things that are still a mystery to him -- the simple pleasures no dog should have ever been without.  He will now learn to live a life with no more chains, living indoors, being cared for and receiving the love he needs and deserves.

Buster's personality is so sweet.  He is good with other dogs and with all people.  Would you like to show him how good life can be as a much loved family member?  If you feel you can offer this boy a life of love and care, he will gladly repay you many times over with his love and devotion.  You will be making a huge difference in his life.  We can't wait to see that sweet face of his light up when he jumps in your car to head for his first -- and forever -- real home.  

Age: 16 mos

Gender: Male