Tyra: Adopted 1/12/16

Hi, I'm little Tyra and I have quite a story to tell you.  You might want to grab a tissue while I begin.

Even though I'm with GRRR, you've probably already guessed I'm not a Golden.  I might have some Border Collie in me, but I'm even smaller than a normal Border Collie.  I'm 12 years old and I was a devoted companion to my Mom for all those years.  We loved each other dearly.  But Mom became unable to care for herself and had to move to an assisted living facility.  No one in the family could take me, and the day before Thanksgiving I was taken to a shelter. I was very, very scared.

The shelter staff fell in love with me because I'm so tiny and sweet, and as they said, "Tyra is a joy to have around.  We adore her."  I was not in good health when I arrived at the shelter.  I was literally just skin and bones. Their medical team ran some tests on me right away. The blood tests seemed to indicate a serious problem with my kidneys.  That's when the shelter staff contacted GRRR to see if they could provide me with some love and attention for what little time I might have left.  I sure was missing my Mom at a time when I needed her most.

Then things began to brighten in my world.  The wonderful folks at GRRR came for me and took me straight to see Dr. Carpenter.  He did more tests that showed I had improved a lot in just a few days!  He said I was most likely severely dehydrated and needed a higher quality food. I'm on a very special diet now for my kidneys.

The good news is I'm starting to act like a puppy!  I'm very playful with the other dogs in my foster home, I love to play with all the fun toys and everybody says they can't believe I'm 12 years old.  I've now become a bouncy little spitfire who has no plans to leave this world for a while.

And that's where YOU come in.  I'm searching for a loving family to start a new and healthier chapter in my life with.  I need someone who will love me and give me the best life I've ever had.  In return I will become your most devoted companion (I'm really good at that!), and even though I'm tiny I will show you I have a huge capacity to love.  I will be wishing with all my might that you will come through the door soon and take me to my forever home with you.

Age: 12 yrs

Gender: Female