Sherlock: Adopted 02/06/16

Sherlock is a ten month old Golden Doodle.  Sherlock came to us after his family felt they were unable to provide the time and training that he needed.  He is very athletic, smart, but full of mischief. 

Sherlock gets along well with other dogs, but doesn’t have very good manners.  He is really mouthy and needs a strong leader.  If you are thinking you could give this boy a great home, please mention Sherlock on your adoption application.

Sherlock, like all doodles, requires a lot of grooming.  Because they don’t shed doesn’t mean that they don’t need brushing and a regular visit to the groomer (every month to six weeks) to keep their hair from matting and pulling.  Regular brushing is required and they are a lot more work in the grooming department than a golden retriever. 

Sherlock needs someone who truly has the time to give him the attention and time he will require.

Age: 10 mos

Gender: Male