Leona: Adopted 02/06/16

Leona came to GRRR after being found as a stray.  Leona had recently had a litter of puppies as she still had milk.  Leona was also limping pretty badly and had x-rays taken.   Her x-rays were sent to an orthopedic specialist for review but nothing could be found in the x-rays.  After her stray hold time expired she was transferred into GRRR’s care for further evaluation of her injury.  Leona was placed on 2 to 3 weeks of bedrest, pain and anti-inflammatory medication.  She is doing well and her limp is going away.  Leona was found to have a low thyroid and will be on thyroid supplements for life.

In addition to her limp and thyroid issue, she has something going on with her skin.  It could be due to thyroid, nutrition or something unknown.  She enjoys a weekly medicated bath to relieve her itching and is on antibiotics for the secondary infection.   Aside from all of that, she is sweet, affectionate, great with other dogs and would really love a family to call her own.  Leona deserves a new life where she is pampered and given all the attention and care she has been missing for what appears to be many years.  No more puppies for Leona, she was spayed, updated on all her vaccinations and tested for heartworm which was negative.  If you feel you have the heart to open your home to this sweet deserving girl, please mention Leona on your application.

Age: 8 yrs

Gender: Female