Fraser - Istanbul Adopted 4/13/16

Reminder: Turkey dog adoption fees vary: Under 1 year $800, over 1 year $600

There is so much excitement at GRRR from the arrival of 10 precious Goldens from the streets of Turkey.  They made a very long journey to us and are learning for the first time about this amazing thing called LOVE.  They were in desperate need of healthy food, shelter, medical attention, grooming and socialization.  Everyone loves Goldens, and that is why Golden rescues in the United States are experiencing a "shortage" of Goldens.  Many have a very long waiting list of potential adopters wanting to provide a wonderful home to a Golden in need.

The complete opposite is true in Turkey where more than 2000 Goldens -- many born in puppy mills -- have been dumped by their owners because they are now too commonplace.  Instead of being a cherished family member, they are left to either fend for themselves in the streets or languish in overcrowded shelters with no hope for survival.

GRRR is fortunate enough have been able to bring 10 of these deserving Goldens to Colorado.  Here they found the love and care they've never known.  We can't wait to watch them as they respond to love and kindness as they learn to trust their new human friends.  Each one has a beautiful Golden heart beating within, and through your kind and generous donations -- and help from all our wonderful volunteers -- we were able to bring out the true Golden in each of them so they can shine in their wonderful new world.

If you would like to help with this continuing effort, you can donate to Operation Turkey Dog to assist these and future Goldens coming to us from such horrific circumstances.  There is no adoption center or rescue in Istanbul for any dog to be adopted. The best they can have there is to live out their lives in crowded shelters.  If you want to learn more, please go to the Turkey Dog section of our website to watch videos and learn more about this very special effort GRRR is proud to be a part of. 

Fraser (male 5 yrs)

Woof and hello, my name is Fraser.  My rescuers discovered me in a crowded shelter.  In Turkey shelters don't do adoptions -- we would just spend our lives there.  I go to sleep at night dreaming about fresh air and room to run. When I arrive in Colorado I know I will feel true happiness for the first time in my creatures competing for food.  I hear that in my new forever home there will be bowls of food set out just for me and fresh water to drink whenever I'm thirsty.  I must be dreaming.