Buddy Adopted 4/14/16

Hi to that one very special person who is reading my story right now. My name is Buddy.  How soon will you be by to take me home?  I've had more than one home in my life and now, at 11 years of age, I am searching for what's called a "forever" home where I can spend it hanging out with you and soaking up all the love you can give me.

In my very first home I didn't have much socialization and didn't learn how to act around other dogs.  Then a wonderful new person adopted me.  I was very loved and well cared for in my second home.  My dear human worked on helping me meet new dogs politely and being a good boy while out on walks.  Sadly, his new wife is allergic to me and I am now searching for another place to call home.

I might be 11 years old, but I act much younger.  I love to play fetch and hang out with my people Outings like social camping trips or going to parks where they are a lot of dogs aren’t something I want to do.  Besides I don't need all the activity those younger pups do.  Being at home with you and playing together in the yard before watching a movie together sounds perfect for me.  I will be happiest being with someone who is home more than away, so if you are retired or work from home we would make a perfect team!

I was very well loved in my second home and it was sad to have to leave.  Now I'm hoping to find another home just as wonderful where I will be loved and cared for forever.  You need a new "Buddy" don't you?  I will be right here waiting for you!

Age: 11 yrs

Gender: Male