Rosiebud - now Rosie - Adopted 12/2015

We adopted Rosiebud in December of last year.  It was a quick exchange between her previous owner who surrendered her to GRRR just moments before we arrived on-site at your facility.  I think because of the quick exchange, there was no time to take a picture of her to post of her adoption on your website.   I want to let you know that Rosiebud (we call her Rosie) has brought so much joy to our family.  She has such a sweet soul and it almost feels like she has been with us much longer than the short couple of months since we brought her home. She is a perfect match for my husband and I.   I have attached a couple of pictures of her protecting one of her new toys.  She is hard to capture on camera because when she’s outside she is so active and wants to play or go for a walk.  Thank you so much for bringing us together.  Rosie is an awesome dog and we are so happy to have her with us.  Rosie has found her forever home!
Polly and Mark Boyd