Bolt Adopted 4/13/16

Bolt is a VERY handsome 6.5 year old Golden who came to us in need of a new loving family and we promised him we would find the perfect new home where he can hang his leash and know he can stay forever.

Bolt's life took a recent turn. When he was already an established member of the family, a new little baby entered his world.  When the little girl was 2 she became very interested in him.  She tried to ride him and even played vet with him.  One time when the parents were out of the room the little girl got a scratch on her eye.  The parents assumed he bit her, although no one saw it happen and there weren't any puncture marks. Understandably they didn't want to take any chances so they brought Bolt to GRRR.

While in our care, Bolt has proven himself to be a very sweet fellow around all people.  He's never met a person he didn't like.  He's unpredictable with other dogs, so the perfect home for him will be all adults and where he doesn't need to interact with a lot of other dogs.

Bolt has many wonderful traits, and his love of people is undeniable.  He just needs the right environment where he can relax and shine.  We've promised this handsome boy that the perfect family will soon take him home to live a truly happy Golden life.  He eagerly wags his tail every time we tell him you'll be by for him soon.

Age: 6.6 yrs

Gender: Male