Brewster Adopted 4/11/16

Hello, my name is Brewster.  I love my name mostly because of the person who gave it to me.  I know a lot of rescued Goldens have sad stories, but mine is particularly tragic.  My wonderful human was killed in a house fire and I've been so lost and lonely ever since.  My entire life turned upside-down.  I'm relieved to be with the kind people at GRRR who have promised to search for a new loving family/person to call my very own.  I long to be a much loved family member again..

I'm between 7-8 years old and a bit chubby from being fed too many table scraps.  Other than needing to drop a few pounds I'm pretty much the perfect guy.  I've been described as, "very handsome, affectionate and a total sweetheart."  I'd like to add that I do great with other dogs and am a friend to all. 

I am now considered by GRRR to be a "special needs" pup. They found out I have two torn ACL's. BUT! And this is the good part...GRRR will pay for my needed surgery and hopefully find me a foster home that will care for me while I rehab.

I sure miss having a loving home to call my own.  I just know there is someone special out there who will open their home and heart to me,and I promise to be the best friend you've ever had.  I will be the happiest Golden in the world when you say, "Come on Brewster, let's begin our new life together." 


Age: 7-8 yrs

Gender: Male