Little Annie - Adopted 6/18/16

Little Annie is an adorable girl who is looking for a wonderful family to help her get stronger and healthier and -- most important -- help her enjoy life.  This little gem is around 10 years old and came to us in so much pain that she was unable to walk.  She would just lie in one spot and cry.  She had to be carried everywhere.

Little Annie has had extensive testing, but no physical reason for her pain was found.  She was placed on prednisone and that has really helped her.  She was extremely overweight when she first arrived.  We have her on prescription diet food and shedding a few pounds has made such a difference.  Now she's actually able to jump  up on us when she wants us to hurry and serve breakfast or dinner.  It's heartwarming to see how much she has improved.  Hopefully once her weight is under control she will no longer need to be on pain medication.

She is such a loving and sweet little girl.  For a Golden, Little Annie is actually quite petite.  Although she looks just like a mini Golden, it's possible she has another small breed mixed in with her Golden heritage.  She's definitely love on four paws!  She gets along very well with all the other dogs she's met while in our care.

We've promised Little Annie there is a wonderful new family who will come for her soon.  It will be important for her to have gentle but consistent exercise and continue her diet until she is at her perfect weight.  This precious girl is so deserving of a second chance at health and happiness.  The best chapter of her life will begin the day you come for her. In return Little Annie will make sure you always have a lovable companion to brighten each and every day.