Hi there!  My name is Charlie and I'm about 4 years old.  My goal is to find a wonderful forever family ASAP.  So -- let me think -- what are the most important things you should know about me?  Well, first of all I'm a Goldendoodle and that's why I'm so doggone handsome with my curly light coat.  My coat is usually longer than this, but I came into rescue with so many mats my curly locks had to be shaved it quite short.  I just know my wonderful new family will keep me looking my handsome best by having me professionally groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.  I can't wait to step out with you and see people admiring me again.  

I'm proud to report I know a few commands -- sit down and come.  I'm also an excellent walking companion when I'm out and about with the volunteers.  I'm already kennel trained, but I will admit to having a few "marking my territory" incidents when I first arrived at GRRR.  That all seems to be in my past now.  Mealtime is one of my favorites and I'm not at all a picky eater.

You might be curious about what I like to do for fun.  Well, of course, I love going on walks and those mountains I see look mighty intriguing.  Here at GRRR we play a game called "squirt the dog" and I'm always the one having the most fun. :)  Stuffed toys and balls are the best, and you can give me a Kong filled with peanut butter and I'll be happily entertained for a long time.

I used to have a family of my own, but with a baby on the way and me being such an energetic fellow, they decided not to keep me.  I think a family without small children would be best for me.  I also need to catch up on some training.  I would love a home where I get plenty of time being with my people and lots of exercise and attention.  Long lonely days alone just aren't for me.

So what do you think?  Want to team up with a happy, fun-loving fellow and spend our time exploring nature together and then curling up for a TV show at night?  I promise you will always have a great friend with me in your life and every day will seem brighter for both of us.  

Age: 4 yrs

Gender: Male