Dakota - Adopted 5/30/16

Adorable little Dakota is 8 weeks old and will be ready to go home June 2.  His beautiful Golden mother was pregnant when she was rescued by GRRR.  We are guessing the puppies had Lab and perhaps Border Collie fathers.  Dakota appears to be a Glab -- the perfect combination of the two best breeds -- Golden and Lab. All the puppies are absolutely wonderful.

Puppies, while adorable, are not for everyone.  Think carefully if your lifestyle has room for the extraordinary responsibility of raising a puppy.  Do you truly have time for the daily nurturing and constant supervision required?  Do you mind piddles on your floor, chewing on your things and, before you know it, a “teenage puppy” with ideas of his or her own?  The proper handling and socialization of a puppy are critical to their development into a well adjusted adult.  As they grow they will require your steady, kind leadership, commitment to their training and rely on you for their extensive daily exercise needs.

If you would like one of these puppies, a “dog to be”, to consider your application, please tell us why your home would be suitable for a puppy in the comments section of your application.

The puppies will only be placed in homes with (1) adults or older children who can treat a dog with kindness and respect and (2) one that clearly has the dedication and substantial time throughout the day to devote to raising a puppy to responsible adulthood.

In addition to the adoption fee, there is a required $100 spay/neuter deposit refundable upon proof of spay/neuter.  Your will be required to sign an Adoption Agreement.

Age: 8 wks

Gender: Female