Sully - Adopted 7/15/16

Adorable little Sully can't wait to find you.  This sweet Golden Retriever mix who is approximately 10 years old was found at garage sale along with his two canine friends. Their owner had passed away and everything she owned was at the sale -- including Sully -- who was being given away for free.  Dogs in this situation often face a very unhappy ending, but luckily for Sully he was spotted by a volunteer from another rescue who got him safely to GRRR..

His owner's relatives said he was very devoted to her and he had spent his life doting on her.  Sully, who has never spent much time travelling in a car, survived a very long ride to GRRR.  Now that he is with us, he is taking short rides to help him learn to enjoy riding in the car.  He's more on the quiet side, and although he gets along with other dogs he really prefers the attention of loving people.

Are you that special person or family who can put a smile on his face and a happy wag on his tail?  He's been through a lot the past few weeks after losing his mom, his home and his canine friends, but we know his eyes will light up when he meets you.  He has the heart of a Golden and will soak up all the love you give him.  "Please come get me and take me home to live with you furever," woofs sweet little Sully.

Age: 10 yrs

Gender: Male