Jasper - Adopted 8/22/16

Hi, I'm Jasper, a 5 year old Golden Doodle.  If you think I'm handsome now, just wait until my coat grows back.  I had to be shaved because I was so matted when I was rescued.  I've had a very difficult (scary!) life and am looking for someone special to help me heal and feel relaxed and comfortable in my surroundings.  The kind volunteers at GRRR have promised to help me find a home where I will be helped and loved.

Before I was rescued, my canine friend and I lived in a home where there was continual domestic violence.  We were eventually removed from the home by the authorities.  At the shelter we mostly huddled together in fear in the same crate and rarely ventured out.  Getting groomed at the shelter was way too scary for me!  The inexperienced groomer grabbed my painful, matted ears and I reacted by snapping.  After all I had been through, my reaction should have been anticipated.  Thankfully the shelter contacted GRR and they came to my rescue.

I'm looking for someone to adopt me who understands my history and my need for love and compassion.  A patient and dog savvy person would provide the perfect environment where I can feel safe.  I need time and patience while I learn to trust humans again.  I won't be able to live with children or other dogs -- at least not until I'm fully recovered from my past life of trauma.

Are you that very special person who can help me see a kinder, more care-free side of life?  I want so much to be loved and happy. We have so much to see and do together, and life is going to get much better when I'm by your side, I just know it!  

Age: 5 yrs

Gender: Male