Bella - Adopted 10/17/16

Are you ready to meet your newest family member?  We have a very special Golden girl who would love to make your acquaintance.  She's pretty 7-year-old Bella who even comes with her very own AKC papers.  Bella has had a wonderful family, but circumstances changed.  A little baby joined the family, and the wee one is severely allergic to dogs.  Her family tried everything -- shaving Bella, vacuuming and cleaning daily, limiting the rooms Bella could be in -- but nothing helped.  They were brokenhearted knowing they could no longer keep her.

Bella is very sweet, affectionate, a friend to people of all ages and she's the gentlest of dogs around humans.  She's been a wonderful companion to her family.  Her favorite pastimes are playing fetch until she's exhausted and belly rubs.  She's kennel trained and sometimes likes to get in her kennel by herself just because she feels safe and happy there.  Oh, and she even likes baths!  Bella has been mostly an indoor dog.

Bella needs to be your only canine princess and have you all to herself.  When Bella was younger she was attacked twice by other dogs.  One was a stray who happened into her neighborhood.  Both of the attacks were totally unprovoked by her and left her with a fear of other dogs.  When unfamiliar dogs get to close, she feels the need to protect her family and yard. When Bella is adopted, GRRR will be happy to help provide professional training so she can relax and learn to trust other dogs and not overreact to them.

Bella's family shared this with us: "Bella truly is a wonderful dog, and we are so heartbroken that she will not be able to stay with us. We will miss her dearly, especially my son, who has grown to love her and they have a very special bond. We want her to go to a great family that will love her and treat her with the love and respect that she deserves and give her a beautiful life. She deserves a forever home where she can be loved by a family who can give her all the attention and belly rubs she deserves."

Age: 7 yrs

Gender: Female