Sunshine - Adopted 7/22/16

We would love to introduce lovely Miss Sunshine to you.  It's hard to imagine a girl as precious as her finding herself homeless at the age of 10.  Of course we've promised her as soon as people read her story and see her picture, she should find the perfect loving family.  She's quite irresistible.

Sunshine recently arrived at GRRR with some large growths on her and quite obese.  Her family was moving and Sunshine was not being invited along.  She was immediately put on a special diet and then was whisked off to the vet for a physical.  Sunshine's growths were mostly just cysts, but one of them required removal and biopsy.  It was a grade 1 sarcoma and no further surgery will be required.  Her new family will just need to check her regularly for lumps and bumps just like all dogs should be checked.

Sunshine was in need of a warm bubble bath and grooming when she arrived.  After the mats were removed and her beautiful coat was brushed we discovered she's quite a beauty with her reddish golden color.  Sunshine is a total sweetheart.  Everyone -- human and canine -- loves her and counts her as one of their best friends.  Her name fits her personality perfectly.

Our dear Sunshine celebrated her 10th birthday right here with us at GRRR, and she had a wonderful time.  We told her we have a special present that she will receive soon -- a brand new forever family and a home to call her own.  She can't wait to celebrate all of her HAPPY BIRTHDAYS as a member of your loving family.  She promises to bring as much Sunshine into your life as you bring to hers.  Sunshine is a true gem!

Age: 10 yrs

Gender: Female