Zach - Adopted 8-12-16

Hi there!  My name is Zack and I'm 9 years old.  I've had a lot of changes in my life recently and that's why I can't wait to find you.  I've pretty much been an outdoor dog and shared the backyard with my canine buddy.  It was pretty quiet in our neighborhood with all the empty nesters in the area.  Then, one by one, families with children started moving in -- including right next door to us. Before long our peaceful neighborhood became noisy. I took it upon myself to become the "guard of the yard" and started barking through the fence to keep the "intruders" away.  Well, that scared the new children and they were afraid to come out and play.  That's when my family decided I needed to find a new home.

Leaving my family was very hard, but GRRR has been thrilled to have me join them.  They can see that I'm a wonderful Golden who deserves a happy new beginning.  I'm being such a good boy here and having so much while I wait for my new forever family to adopt me.  I'm very affectionate and loving and I've made all kinds of new friends here. I LOVE water and can often be found splashing in the XL water bowls! :)  The perfect home for me will be with someone who is home more than away and doesn't leave me outside for long hours to get bored and lonely.  I'd much rather be with people doing some of my favorite things -- going for walks, playing fetch or just cuddling up to watch the Olympics.  Right by your side is where I'm going to happiest. 

Would you mind giving me an inexpensive daily medication for my low thyroid?  Will you have extra time to spend with your new best furry friend?  Can we be a family forever?  Don't forget my name is Zack, and I can't wait to be YOUR Zack!   

Age: 9 yrs

Gender: Male