Dougie - 11/30/16 Adopted

Hi to my new family who must be reading this right now!  My name is Dougie and I'm four years old. I am a Doodle -- maybe a Golden Doodle or perhaps a Labra-doodle -- and I hear Doodles are quite popular.  I'm searching for a VERY SPECIAL home with someone who can understand my unique needs.  Like many rescued canines, I come with some challenges, but I also come with a big heart and lots of love to give to my new family. 

First things first -- I must tell you about all the many good qualities I possess.  When I'm not on a leash (and I'll get back to this later) I'm good with everyone -- people, dogs, kids (not cats, I can't resist a good chase).  In fact, I'm so friendly that a local doggie day care used me to introduce other dogs to when they arrived for their first stay.  I've also lived in harmony with dogs of all breeds and ages at my foster home and at GRRR's facility.

Now… for the reason why I need a very special family to adopt me.  I can't go out on leash walks.  All of my friendliness goes up in smoke when I'm on a leash.  I have something called "leash aggression".  That also happens to me when there are dogs on the other side of a fence in my backyard.  We run up and down the fence barking and growling at each other, and I confess I'm usually the instigator. 

I used to have a wonderful human in my life who loved me dearly.  She adopted me and gave me a great home and I loved her with all my heart.  Sadly, my mom had a lot of changes in her life, and to make a long story short, she had to move to a rental house and also travels a lot in her new job.  For a while I stayed with an in-home pet sitter and did great with all the various dogs who came and went, but with all the travelling and being a single mom, she just couldn't keep me.  It was a very sad goodbye for us.

The folks at GRRR describe me as a "darling boy" who is loving and friendly.  They even say I'm so cute that I look like a Disney star. I want so much to have a loving home and family again.  I'm going to need a nice backyard to play in and maybe we could do some off leash mountain hikes together.  I am wishing and hoping with all my heart that you will come and meet me soon.  I can't wait to jump in your car and head to my forever home with you.

Age: 4 yrs

Gender: Male