Mandy - Adopted 9/1/16

Little Mandy asked us to write her bio, and when we say "little" it's really true -- this tiny beauty weighs only 28 adorable pounds.  She's approximately 11 years old, but she's convinced she's only 7.  We think she's mostly Golden with perhaps a bit of something else super cute in her heritage.

It's hard to imagine she was found as a stray  It must have been a big scary world out there for her, especially since we think she might not have much hearing left.  Because of her hearing deficit it can take a little while for her to warm up to someone new, but soon she will be your best friend.

Mandy is enjoying her foster home where she is loved and pampered.  Her foster parents say she's easy going and a get along kind of girl.  We don't want to embarrass her, so we are discreetly mentioning she takes a medication for some minor incontinence that could possibly just be a house training issue that still needs a little work.

Are you that special person/family who would like to make the next chapter in her life the one that is filled with love and kindness and where she will never find herself lost and alone again?  She will fit nicely on your lap, won't take up much room in your car, but we can promise you itty bitty Mandy will take up a big space in your heart.  Mandy is waiting for you to come and make her dreams of a forever family of her very own come true.

Age: 11 yrs

Gender: Female