Anika and Zeus - Adopted 9/26/16

These two sweethearts are being adopted together. This is the story of Anika and Zeus – two beautiful Goldens. Zeus is a 7-year-old gorgeous cream-colored boy with the softest eyes and fluffy curls on his ears. And Anika is a 6-year-old girl with a beautiful, thick dark red coat. They have been together since Anika was a pup. They are best buddies and it is clear that they love each other very much. They arrived at GRRR after being surrendered by a family that had only had them for a week. They contacted GRRR because Anika had an altercation with their Chihuahua and caused a bit of damage to the smaller dog. They decided that it wasn’t safe to keep Anika and Zeus in their home. That family had adopted them from another family who kept them outside in a pen most of the time. When they decided to move to another state, they did not want their dogs anymore and gave them away. As is often the case with Golden Angels, when GRRR gets the call, we say ‘yes’ immediately without any knowledge of a dog’s condition. We never say ‘no’ to a Golden in need. When we get them to GRRR, we then start to understand more about them and often times Golden Angel stories emerge. And so is the case with these two sweet dogs. Six- and seven-year old Goldens are in the prime of their life. These two were both so loving toward people and each other but they were in sorry conditions. Both were filthy and matted. As Mary took a look at them and welcomed them, she noticed the most horrible odor from Zeus. The smell was from both his filthy, matted coat and his mouth, which appeared to have some severe dental issues. An inspection of Anika revealed that she was not spayed, and her ears were full of dirt and wax. Well, these guys were seen right away by the doctors at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital so we would know more about their health. But first they both got a full spa treatment with Dee Delay. Both dogs were looking, feeling and smelling so much better, admired each other and then it was off to see the doctors. Sure enough, the ‘gunk’ in Anika's ears was so bad that they could not see anything with the otoscope. It would take several days of cleaning to soften all of that gunk so it could be removed and her ears cleared. Anika was spayed, given all of her vaccinations and tested for heartworm. Now, it was Zeus’ turn to go to Arvada West for an exam, neuter and dental. Those teeth! Some of the worst that the staff at Arvada West had seen! During the exam, Dr. Holcomb found that Zeus had a condition called Cryptorchidism. This is when one of the male testicles is not where it should be but was in his abdomen instead. Poor guy could not catch a break! Zeus needed dental surgery and also a much more invasive procedure to address this condition. Dr. Holcomb had his work cut out for him! After removing the thick tarter on two of his lower teeth, it was found that they were all broken, a result of a terrible trauma to his mouth. Some of the teeth had been broken off and now had gums hiding the roots which crumbled as they were removed. The two teeth with all the tarter were broken too. Some were abscessed. Zeus had been suffering with the painful broken and infected teeth for so long that he wasn’t using that side of his mouth to chew at all. It’s hard to imagine how he lived with that pain for so long and stayed such a sweet guy. The surgery was successful and Zeus started to feel better fast. When Zeus returned to Phoebe’s Place after a few days, the reunion with Anika brought tears to Mary’s eyes as she watched their excitement and affection for each other unfold. Zeus was so happy to see Anika, and Anika could not contain herself when she saw her beloved Zeus come into the house. They were lookin’ good and now feelin’ good too thanks to our Golden Angel fund! These two sweet Goldens are now looking for a wonderful new home where there is no pen to live in, a nice comfy dog bed or two, healthy food, regular medical care, and most of all a human family to give them love and attention that they have lacked for so long and so deserve. And your donations to GRRR’s Golden Angel Fund will help them, and Goldens like them, be happy and healthy