Hayley - Adoption 9/3/16

Hello dear dog lover, my name is Hayley and I'm hoping you will adopt me soon.  I'm 18 months old and I'm full of life and energy.  I'm just as happy and playful as I look in my photos.  I'm a Labra-doodle (Labrador mixed with poodle) which is why I have such beautiful curly black hair.

I used to have a family of my own, but sadly they were no longer able to care for me.  They took me to the shelter, a very scary place for a youngster like me.  I was so afraid!  It was loud, crowded and not at all like the home I used to have.  I began wondering what in the world would become of me and why I was there instead of at home in my own yard with my family.  Thankfully the wonderful folks at the shelter called GRRR to see if they could help.

Now I'm living at GRRR and feeling much better.  They have a great yard to play in and I've made all kinds of human and canine friends.  This is much better than the shelter, but it still isn't my forever home.  That's why I need you!  I need an active family to love me, play with me, exercise with me and just plain LOVE me.  I will reward you many times over with my happy personality and my ability to make every day more special for you.

I've been spayed and I'm current on all vaccinations.  I was tested for heartworm and it was negative.  Now all I need is for you to come adopt me.  I'm positive once you meet me you will know I'm the perfect girl for you.    I can't wait to walk through your front door and know I've finally found my wonderful forever home and family.

Age: 18 mos

Gender: Female