Ginger Doodle - Adopted 10/6/16

10 month old Ginger!  What a sweetheart.  She is smart, fun, lively and happy.  Gets along great with other dogs; likes to play several times per day.  She loves walks and is practicing her “heel”.  We generally walk about a mile at a time.  She knows “sit”, “down” and tells us when it’s time for dinner!   She has a heart arrhythmia but easily takes her medicine twice per day by taking it from my hand.  She gets a biscuit afterwards and she knows she has to sit for that.  She loves ice cubes, carrots, watermelon and cantaloupe. She loves to snuggle and to play ball (although she’s still learning to release the ball.)  She is very friendly and happy to meet new people.  She would be a great addition for the right family.  She learns quickly and may be good for obedience or agility.  She’s a bundle of love just waiting to share it with you!