Murphy - 11/26/16 Adopted

Goldens are born to give love and receive love, especially the precious seniors.  Murphy is about 12 years old and was found wandering as a stray.  This sweet boy was never claimed and we can tell he is bewildered by this sudden change in his life.  Being the ever-optimistic Golden boy that he is, he's hopeful you will fall in love with his sweet face and come to meet him soon.  He is a very handsome gentleman indeed! 

Since joining GRRR Murphy has proven to be quite a playful fellow who always enjoys a good game of fetch and then hanging out with his favorite person.  Perhaps in his previous home he didn't have many toys because he has a tendency to protect these newfound treasures from the other dogs.  It might be best for him to enjoy his Golden years as your one and only canine friend where he can enjoy all the pretty new toys you have for him.

Would you like to be that special person or family that will help Murphy write the very best chapter in his life?  He has a heart of gold for the people who are kind to him, and he longs to have a place to call home and know that he will be loved forever.  Be sure to bring a fuzzy new tennis ball when you come to meet him.  He can't wait to impress you with his fetching skills!     

Age: 12 yrs

Gender: Male