Ono 11/20/16 Adopted

Ono is 2 yrs old, a very handsome young golden who is looking to find a loving home. Ono came to GRRR when his family felt they didn’t have the time to give him what he needed.

After a day or two at GRRR he started limping.  He went in to see Dr. Carpenter for his routine intake exam, vaccinations and heartworm test.  But Ono has bigger problems.  Ono has two bad elbows and will need orthoscopic surgery to remove the pieces of bone floating around in there and causing him pain.  To add to his pain and condition he is very overweight and is on a prescription diet to help in him with weight loss.  Ono has been placed on Rimadyl and Tramadol to help give him some relief.   Ono is a happy, silly boy who would love to be the center of someone’s world.  He can be protective of toys and we think it’s because he never had to share before.  Ono is getting slow, regular walks here at GRRR.  It will take some time to lose the weight, but know that he will feel better and recovery from surgery will be easier if he isn’t carrying around that extra weight. His previous family did say that Ono ate socks, but didn’t eat soft toys or other items. 

GRRR will pay for the surgery and medications for Ono’s elbows.  During recovery, he would do best in a home with no stairs, all adults and someone who is home most of the day. Also recommended is a person/family willing to do obedience training and socializing him with other dogs. He is not dog aggressive.

He is a fun, sweet boy with a great personality.