Owen - Adoption pending 1/29/17

Five-year-old Owen is a very handsome Chocolate Lab who came to us after a rough start in life.  He is doing better but is still a work in progress. Owen is searching for a wonderful person/family to help turn his life around. If you are a strong leader and a committed dog/Lab lover, please read on to find out how you can make a huge difference in his life. 

Owen and his Golden Retriever friend came to GRRR after living a confined life in a pen.  Neither had spent any time socializing with people or other dogs.  They hadn't known the pleasure of walks in the park, mountain hikes, exercise of any kind, car rides, the warmth of a house or the love of a wonderful family.  After living his life cooped up and bored, it's no wonder Owen seized any opportunity to bolt in search of adventure.  He is a high energy Lab who is trying to make up for what he's missed out on during his first five years.  When he arrived at GRRR he was quite an energetic handful, and our vet suggested Prozac to help calm him enough so that he can relax and enjoy his new freedom.  We are hoping he will eventually be able to stop taking the Prozac.  During his time in foster care he has been working on socializing, manners and getting his allergies under control.  He has been placed on an allergy medication which has helped. 

Now Owen is dreaming of the day when he will find a safe, secure home of his very own and someone who will truly love him.  Because of his energy level, he needs to be placed in a home with adults only.  It will be important that is new family be committed to continuing the progress he has made in foster care, and working (and bonding) with Owen in an obedience class will be an important part of his integration into his new family.   We've promised Owen we will find the perfect dog savvy person who will provide a wonderful home where he will receive the love, training, safe environment and care he has missed out on.   With you by his side he's sure to find the happily-ever-after life this great Chocolate boy truly deserves.

Age: 5 yrs

Gender: Male