Delta - Doodle Adopted 5/23/17

Miss Delta is a super sweet and beautiful Golden Doodle who is looking for a very special home where she will receive all the love, care and attention she's missed out on her entire life.  Delta is approximately 2 years old and weighs 60 lbs.  Her past was not what we would ever want for any dog.  Delta came from a puppy mill where she and many others were treated like machines to produce puppies.  They all lived in small filthy cages and never had freedom to run or play.  Before coming to GRRR, Delta had never had the joy of playing on the grass, cuddling on the couch or even eating quality food. 

The many animals at the puppy mill were seized by the authorities and taken to an animal shelter to receive the first love and care they've ever known.  There was a 3 month hold at the shelter while the legal issues were being sorted out.  During that time, Delta delivered yet another litter of sweet puppies.  After giving birth many times in the past, this was the first time she was surrounded by loving, helpful people who were there to comfort her and provide kindness and medical treatment for her and her new babies. 

Delta is now looking for a family that can give her all the love and care she's missed out on in the past.  She is a very social, loving and sweet girl who gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.  Our very special girl would like a home where she will have the companionship of another dog to help introduce her to the comforts of having a real home and being a loved family member.

Delta tends to have a coat more like a Golden Retriever than a Poodle, and she will shed like a Golden.  If you have allergies, please consider one of the other available dogs on our website.  Delta needs a home with a fenced yard and someone with the time, patience and understanding to help her move forward from her past life.  Soon that life will become a distant memory as she learns that Life is Good in a loving home.  She's endured a lot and has come a long way to find her special new family.

  If you are interested in learning more about Barbie or meeting her, you will need to complete the online application at www.goldenrescue.comb