Hank - adopted 5/28/17

Meet handsome, athletic and very confident Hank. This 3-year-old boy came all the way from Turkey to find his new home -- and he sure hopes it will be with you.

Hank's first question for you is: "Do you have a tall fence? Because I'm an exploring kind of guy and left alone too long I might just take off on an adventure. I lived in the forests of Turkey where there was never a fence in sight, so I don't really understand their purpose."

What Hank needs most in his new home is a strong leader who will help him adjust to life in the city. He's going to require some training to rein in his adventurous side. We are confident he will make a pawsome companion for someone who loves to hike or go on long outings where Hank can get his fill of the great outdoors (on leash, please).

Who couldn't resist his handsome face, beautiful coat and adventurous personality. Hank really wants to be loved and give you all his affection in return. Once he realizes he has a permanent and secure home where he is well cared for, he will the happiest fellow in the entire world. After all he's gone through to find you, the day he goes home with you will be best day of his life.

*If you want more info on Hank, please read GRRRs adoption process and complete an adoption application