Serena (Golden) & Mira (Maltese Terrier) bonded pair - from Istanbul-Adopted 6/24/17

We bet you saw our photo and couldn't wait to find out more about us!  I'm Serena (the Golden girl) and the little cutie in the photo is my BFF Mira, a Maltese Terrier.  We are both about 15 months old and we will be flying from Istanbul, Turkey to Denver soon.  Our first stop will be our temporary home at Phoebe's Place...then off to Arvada West Animal Hospital for a complete physical...and then hopefully we will jump in the car for a fun ride to YOUR HOUSE and our new forever home.  We've been dreaming of this special day for a long time.

Poor little Mira was found by our wonderful rescuer, Yasemin, quite ill and lying in the snow on a street in Istanbul. Then about a week later I was also found abandoned in the streets.  We both went home with Yasemin to stay for some tender loving care.  The plan was for just me to come to the U.S. to find my new home, but while Mira was recuperating, she and I became the best of friends ever.  We are completely bonded and would be lost without each other.  We go together like ham and eggs, bread and butter, Milkbone and biscuit -- we never ever want to be separated from each other. 

So you were probably looking on the GRRR website hoping to find the Golden girl of your dreams and  -- surprise! -- you've fallen in love with the pair of us.  We promise to be double the love and double the fun.  We are the sweetest two pups ever and we can't wait to join your family.  We will be arriving in Denver sometime in June and maybe you will even be at the airport waiting for your new girls to arrive!

Until then we will be dreaming of mountain hikes, warm comfy beds, delicious food and most important of all -- someone very special to share all our love with.  Could that special someone be you?

*If interested, please read GRRRs online adoption process and complete an application.