Swagrrr - Istanbul - Adopted 9/15/17

Greetings! My name is Swagrr and I am a 2 year old Golden boy. Before I found my temporary home at GRRR, I lived in the forest with other strays in Turkey. They say I am kind of a dominant dog, but I just like to play and I have lots of energy, cause I'm kind of a puppy still. I do get along with other medium to larger size less dominent dogs. Especially if they like to run around and play chase.  Although I have lots of energy, I also have my inner Golden Retriever side that LOVES belly rubs. Chances are, if you're watching TV, there's a good chance I will want to lay really close to you in case you want to pet me or give me belly rubs, did I say I really like that a lot;) Oh yeah, I do need a fenced yard. Since I love outside, but am used to wondering the forest, I can lose track of where I am and could accidentally get lost. So, for my own safety, I need a fenced yard...with toys of course;) BTW, I am not too thrilled with cats and little bity dogs, squirrels, rabbits...etc, well, you get the picture.

I Would love to meet you (and any other dog you may have) if you think you could give me a loving household and a warm comfy forever home.

*If interested, please read our adoption process and complete an application.