Dorothy - Adopted 10-10-17

This is our sweet Dorothy who came into GRRR after surviving a horrible tornado in Texas.  Dorothy spent her time wandering between properties in a Texas town because the shelter was full of other displaced animals awaiting their owners to reunite with them.  Unfortunately nobody ever came looking for Dorothy and she was one of the many listed awaiting their owners at the shelter.  She waited until the families trying to keep track of her in Texas and provide food were no longer able to keep her.  Other rescues were full and unable to take in a Golden mix (we think she’s Golden and Great Pyrenees mix) so GRRR made arrangements to get this sweet girl to Colorado.  When Dorothy arrived it was obvious to us that she had not been cared for well.  Her hair was so matted that it looked like a thick wool blanket was covering her skin.  It took our groomer many hours of working on Dorothy to get her all combed out without shaving away her beautiful coat.  When Dorothy was taken to our vet it was discovered that she was heartworm positive and also had Ehrlichia.  Both can be treated, but to magnify her situation she was very overweight.  Dorothy was placed on medications and a diet.  Because of her age and weight she also seemed to have issues with her joints in getting up and down.  Dorothy, having been left abandoned and obviously never cared for, acted like she was so happy to be here.  She seemed to know she has survived the worst of everything and it is all going to be okay now.  Dorothy is undergoing heartworm treatment and GRRR will be paying for all of that medical care and medications. 

If you are looking for a girl with a sweet disposition who seems resilient to all the bad things that have been in her past, a cuddle buddy, a companion, a dog who gets along with all the other foster dogs in her foster home, you will want to mention Dorothy on your application.  She will bring you all the joy you can imagine, just from seeing how grateful she is to you for giving her a loving home.  

*If you are interested in learning more about Dorothy, please mention her on your adoption application.