Rosie - Adopted 10/4/17

Hold onto your heart because little Miss Rosie is about to steal it.  This adorable special needs Goldendoodle puppy is only 12 weeks old and is searching for a forever family to call her very own -- and she's hoping  with all her puppy heart it will be with you!

 Rosie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was just 8 weeks old.  She needs  full hip replacements when she is about 10 months old.  We are hoping she can be kept pain free until she grows big enough for surgery.  If necessary, she will undergo FHO surgery earlier instead.   GRRR will pay all of Rosie's medical expenses -- surgery medications, therapy, etc.  Her new family -- where she will already feel safe and loved -- will be the most important part of her successful recovery. 

 Rosie will need to have someone home with her during her recovery. She would also love to have a dog buddy in her new home.  With her sunny personality and love of life, we're sure she's going to bounce back quickly.

 Rosie is currently on Rimadyl as needed for pain, and she is a typical, active, playful, adorable and sassy little puppy.  Like all puppies, she chews and gets into mischief, but she quickly picks up on what makes people happy.  This little sweetheart gets along well with all the dogs at Phoebe's Place and enjoys life to the fullest.  She's quite smart and is doing very well with her housetraining.

Little puppy Rosie is going to greet you with wiggles and soft puppy kisses.  We think she's watching the door hoping you will come through it soon to scoop her up and take her to her new forever home with you.

 ** If interested-please read our adoption process document first, then complete an adoption application online