Memorial In Name of Golden RetrieverIf your life or the life of someone close to you has been profoundly impacted by a Golden Retriever, consider making a gift to honor that person or dog. A great way to “give a gift” to a friend or family member is to donate to GRRR in their honor or memory.
If you provide us with the name and address of the honoree or their family, we will send them a thank you note telling them that a donation was made in their honor or in their memory. Please send an email to with the details.
Thank you for your generosity!


In Memory / Honor of:

Deb Dawson: Anonymous • Carla Arnold • GRRR Board • Cathy & Russ Jones • Gail & Barry Meinster • Sukie & Shella McMaster In Memory of Joyce Morganfield: Anonymous • Leonard & Jane Diggs • Robin & Joe Haney • Frank Healy • Alice, Jon & Aubree Gilbertson • Grace & Robert Mann • Jeff & Traci Morganfield • Marilyn Allen, in Memory of John C. Jones • Anonymous, in honor of Barbara Crook • Anonymous, in memory of Freddy • Anonymous, in memory of Lucy • Paul Boulis and family, in memory of Tim Ray • Barbara Burkardt, in memory of Sienna Bailey • William Gruening, in honor of Champek • Jay and Debbie Lubin, in memory of Libby Besant • Janet Luedtke, in memory of Lincoln • Sandra Magnavito in memory of Wendy Ellington’s dog • Donald Mayo, in memory of Ron Mayo • Fred and Jackie Moen, in memory of Tim Ray • The Robyler Family, in Memory of John C. Jones • The Salty Dog, Seabrook, WA, in memory of Charlie Lennemann • The Turner Family, in honor of Barbara Crook • Bill Urbanowski in memory of Mary's black lab, Luke • Barbara Wade & Bailey, in memory of Dakota, Russ & Cathy Jones in memory of Mogely. Terri Mann in memory of Lucas. Jaclyn Bowen, in memory of Rocky for Ms Kim Stewart, in memory of Abby for Peg & George Young, Pete Lynch in memory of sweet 11 year old girl, Maggie lost to cancer, Ashley Grady for the Woodhouse Family in memory of Ben.This donation is in memory of my sweet Jens's memory- Anita Rouse. Russ/Cathy Jones in memory of Cody (Judi & Joel), and in memory of Jackie (Bill Urbonowski), Cynthia in memory of Freddie-Golden lover. In Memory Of: Jake Nelson for Owners: Blake and Laurie Nelson.Thanks to the many donations made in memory of wonderful GRRR volunteer, Cindy Oatman. Teresa Beck in loving memory of our brave & gentle, Cowboy. Kelsey in memory of Jake Nelson, Lura Rogers, in memory of Joseph Rogers, Aaron, in memory of Scout Highsmith, MA, in memory of Xavier Brock, Catharine, in memory of Cooper Chamberlin, Alexis, in memory of Jay, Monica, in memory of Jenny's sweet Golden Otis, Peggy, in memory of Rosie. Margaret, in memory of Loretta Weir. Michael, in memory of Melanie Ronto. Sheila, Katie, Kris, Johannes, Anna, Janet, Ajna, Tammy in memory of Chuck Crenshaw. Bill, in memory of Jackie-Dog.  Deborah, in memory of Judi's, Cody.

Brenda Leap, in memory of Chelsea, Golden Retriever of Irene Gerty-Gomez/Carlos Gomez. Teresa & Mark, in loving memory of our brave and gentle Cowboy. Peggy Sciumbato in memory of Ellie May.Joseph & Sheila Rinaldis in memory of Sandy Harrison. 

Janine D'Anniballe, In honor of Scout (formerly Sasha) who was adopted from GRRR in August of 2005. Scout was the most gentle, good-natured, loving dog I ever met. She was my best friend. I will be forever grateful to GRRR for bringing us together. Run free, Sweet Scoutie. You are in the land of unlimited tennis balls - 

In loving memory of our dear Misty; such a good mom to all her babies - Mark & Teresa Beck - Virginia O'Neill in memory of Hootie O'Niell - Francie Schafer in memory of Roxy Rock Star Chin - Lynda Coble in memory of Amber - Linda Hilliard, in memory of Robert Engels , Alexis Salazar, in memory of Jay - 

In memory of Jenny Auston, GRRR BOD, Holli Riebel, Lisa Blackman, Julie Huckfeldt, Amie Pietro -  W.Keith Adams & JIll Adams In memory of Eleanor Van Court

In memory of Steve Stewart, Mary Kenton, Brad & Linda Stauf, Hunter & Kim Glasscock, Cynthia Greule, Terry Escamilla, Janice Wexler, Naomk Groover, William W. Lee, Jean Miller, Toni Mench, Nancy Dowling, Robert & Bobbi Jobin, Judi Servoss, Russ and Cathy Jones, Lola Runyon, Laura Holley, Carrie Peacock,Steve Nowack & Michele Nankervis, Eileen & John Winans, Deborah Williams, Horst & Gudrun Lambrecht, Hubert F & Thea T Hockmuller, Kevin Shipley, Cindy Charles & Ed Tanner, Eleanor R. Lowry

Julie & Steve Lawton in memory of Misty Mack - Judi Servoss, Gail Stokowski, in memory of Jude & Lilly, beloved Goldens of Pete and Gail Stokowski - Mary Fachman, Amanda Nelson, Michelle Lovejoy, Rebecca Wilkins and Ann Beyke in memory of Murphy who was the loving furry friend of Molly and John Williams - Lyn Schaffer in memory of Gallagher (for Margot Gilbert & Allan Frank) - Monica E. LeVine in memory of Dr. Thomas Kovan -Jess and Lizzie, in memory of sweet Kemo, aguiding light through difficult times - Jeffrey Tomberlin in memory of Verity - annonymous in honor of Nancy Lynch

In fond memory of Kelly Ann Emery-Mary Heins, Dianne and Jack LuberdaKaren Kalis, Terrence & Susan Schierkolk, Phillip Friedman, Jean Imbler, In memory of Kelly Ann Emery from Kirk, Donna, Faye, Devon, Margo, Eric & Nancy Young, annonymous donation in memory of Kelly Ann Emery, Pat McBride in memory of Kelly Ann Emery - Lynne Baker, donation is in memory of Copper, who had 15 wonderful years with the Chris Huss family - Susan Martel,for Chris and Terri Jeffers, who just lost their golden retriever, Dylan - a beautiful, happy, sweet soul and neighborhood favorite -   

Karel Hill In memory and honor of my dear childhood friend, Larry Jack, Lynn David Bird - Karen Sheldon in memory of Marcia' beloved Wyatt - Russ & Cathy donation in memory of Mary Kentons sweet Stella, furry family member, Kelli Clark in memory of Mary Kentons Stella, Jean Miller in memory of Queen Stella - Nancy Grant, in honor of mom Angela Schroeder, sister Margie Crawford and Saucey the incredible Cattle Dog - Richard Wolf in memory of Mandy Wolf - Connie Lane, in memory of Alex the big red dog - Lauren Abernathy in memory of Cooper & Sophie - Maia Brusseau in memory of Frisco - Marcia Burns in honor of Bob & Barbara Crook - Nichole Falkowski in memory of Denali & Gretzky - Karen Lloyd in memory of Jeremia, Rusty, Sadie & Kody - JoAnne Masi in memory of Bella, our rescue Golden - Lori Kashman in memory of Sedona & Charlie - Lori Salo in memory of our Golden Heidi - Laura Nelson in memory of Buddy - Steve Perry in memory of Mardi Perry - Norma D. Nash in honor of Pat Rogers - Frankie Reed in honor of Cody Lionette - Alice Gilbertson in memory of Argyle & Olivia - William G. Koehler in memory of Kathleen G. Miller - Linda Tieman in memory of Darby Tieman - Sue Crase in honor of Mary Kenton & all the volunteers - Elizabeth Linehan in honor of Phoebe Zimmerman -

Karen Levine in memory of sweet Alexa Marie - Barbara Kreisman in honor of Sundance, Autumn & Dandylion - Carolyn Davis in memory of Earle Wilson - Erikah Weir in memory of Harvey Mitchell - Debbie Stratton in honor of Pat Dinkey - Bradley Wilson in honor of Andy Rosedahl - Katherine Secor in honor of Mary, Kevin & the GRRR team - Bernadette Sherman, Samantha Phillips-Morgan in honor of Sherri Wilson, Jodi Quinn in honor of Sherri Wilson & Andy Rosedahl -  Casey White in memory of Fletch - Calvin Oram in memory of Betty Oram - Margaret Esler in honor of Sammy Murray & Rosy - Valerie Robson in memory of Angel Charm - Sherri Wilson in honor of Jim Grady & Suzanne Hoest - Hollace Pfau in memory of Daisy Pfau - 

Linda Doerksen in memory of Corinne - Joyce Childerston in memory of Gunner and Ben Childerston - Debra Briels in memory of Katie & Bailey Briels - Carol Myers in honor of Bernie Myers -Jean Miller in memory of Dakota Boy - Carol Warner in memory of Chai, my first GRRR rescue - Henry Reeve in memory of Hussong Reeve - Martha Mills in memory of Rosa, Abby, Daisy & Max - Francis Pilch in memory of my beloved first Golden, Tessie - Kim Kitchen in honor of Sonny Durango - 

Beth Flambures in honor of Marilyn Falcione - Pam Schell-Varkony in memory of Annie, the love of my life - Lisa Winters in memory of Max - Lisa Drake in memory of TedBear Drake - Linda O'Neal in memory of Buck O'Neal - Joseph Greene in memory of Gracie - Irene Gomex in memory of Frederick Gerty - Barbara Weller in memory of my beloved Goldens (Sunny & Sadie) - Darwin Kuhlmann in honor of Sammy - Brenda Bott in memory of Toby - Joy Merritt in honor of Chubby, our beautiful Golden - Tammy Smith in memory of Casey Smith, Prince of Puppies - Lynda Delbaugh in memory of Abbey - Annoymous in honor of Chelsea - Jane Templeton in memory of Theo - K Jory Weber in honor of Linda Pierrel - 

Dianne DeGroff in memory of Mike & Dianne's parents - Shelly Nault in memory of Dahney - Deanna DeLucero in honor of Kurt and Amy DeLucero - Lindsey Kraft in honor of Dillon - Wayne Walker in memory of Lynne Walker - Barbara Crook in memory of our Golden Angels - Gail Strakowski in memory of Pepper, Lilly & Jude, 3 Goldens gone too soon - Dana Duthe in memory of Emma & Molly, Duthe dogs - Elisa French in honor of Ruth French - Roxanne Sabin in memory of Sophie & Deb Dawson - Carolyn Ellington in memory of Wendy Ellington - Ruth Janet Vierra, in memory & honor of Lucy (daughter), Cinda Champlin, Wayne Champlin, Max Henson -   

Pamela Jones in memory of Thomas Jones - Anne Buderas in honor of our GRRR dogs, Charlie, Sienna, Bogart - Pauline Atkinson in memory of Charlie Trottier - Susan McMaster in honor of sweet Tina - Donna Wolff in memory of Sasha Wolff - Mary Jo Hardy in memory of Sparky Hardy -  Rauh Campbell for Alison Kadans, In memory of Chelly who was an amazing & wonderful soul -  

For Pat & Scott Rogers, In memory of sweet Suzeigh- Judi Servoss, Stacy Springston, In loving memory of Suzeigh Rogers - Linda & Will Schneider, for the love, kindness & devotion that Deb Kneale & Bob Jorgenson lavished In these beautful dogs, memory of Pico and in honor of Owhen - Nancy Grant, in honor of son, Seth (USMC), wife Julie and precious grandkids William and Alice - Penny Dickerson & Jim Ummel, in memory of Aspen for Laurie Von Bulow -

In loving memory of our beautiful, dancing Chloe - Mark & Teresa Beck - Evelyn Cohen, in honor of Elaine & Maury Radin & sweet Ollie -

Laura Zlogar in honor of mother, Linda Wilsons 75th birthday -  Steve & T. Lynne Paris, in memory of Charlene Kelly - In memory of Parker. Love, Rachel and Lily - 

Susan & Doug Martel, for Steve Morganfield in memory of Rookie Morganfield - Pete & Nancy Lynch in memory of Rookie Morganfield, a great dog who epitomized what Goldens are all about -