Special Goldens Needing Extra Care

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Emmitt - Golden Angel


Emmitt was found by a good Samaritan and was taken to the shelter. The good person who found him even posted an ad on Craigslist trying to find his owner. While picking up another sweet girl from the shelter we were told that we would be contacted about another dog that had come in. He’s pretty old, and hasn’t been well cared for. The call came and Kelli Clark went to pick up Emmitt. She called on her ride home to let me know he was on his way, but that he was a mess and he smelled so bad that all of her windows were down and it still was horrible. Lucky for all of us, especially Emmitt, our Groomer extraordinaire was here that Monday. Emmitt was quickly escorted into the grooming room at Phoebe’s Place for the spa treatment. Well, little did we know, but Emmitt had some friends with him, and not the good kind. Dee found several ticks on Emmitt that she removed and he was treated with Frontline to make sure they were all going to be gone. We postponed his trip to the vet until the following day to make sure the little buggers were gone. In addition to the ticks this poor boy had a horrible skin infection that was painful and needed to be treated with a special medicated shampoo, along with antibiotics to clear it up from the inside too.

And then there were his ears. That is where the stink was coming from. His ears were full of infection, and it wasn’t something new to him, it had been going on a long time. His ear canals were thickened with scar tissue and were red and so painful. Dee gently cleaned his ears a couple of times, once in the tub, and then again when he was being brushed out. It just was so bad, so sad to think he has been living with those painful ears for so long. When he went to see Dr. Kane at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital he was again treated with the kind and gentle expertise of the doctor and staff. He needed medications, and repeated baths in a medicated shampoo to help heal his skin. Because of the ticks he needed additional blood work done to test for any tick borne (sp?) diseases. The medication that would normally be prescribed is no longer available as the plant was destroyed in the hurricane that tore apart the Jersey Shore. The company decided to not rebuild and therefore the drug is no longer available. The drug that is similar is extremely expensive and would cost anywhere between 200 and 800 dollars for the amount of time he would need to be on it. So we are still awaiting the results of the test to see if he will need another medication to get his life on track. His ears were not the normal yeast infection that most of us with golden retrievers are used to seeing and treating. His ear infection was bacterial and so chronic that he will need long term medication to heal the infection. We will never be able to eliminate the scar tissue he has, but we will get the infection treated and relieve the pain he has endured for far too long. His skin infection is itchy and he can get himself into some pretty strange positions trying to itch himself. The baths are helping, the medication is helping, but it will take a long time to heal what someone ignored for a very long time. Emmitt is enjoying his foster home and all the great food and treats he receives. His favorite things are to be snuggled and loved on. Emmitt is quite the talker too, he has a lot to say and will let you know how hungry he is with his enthusiastic woof while you prepare his meal.

Emmitt was a very lucky boy to be rescued from the streets and taken to a safe place. I am sure the person who found him would love to know how good this guys life is going to be now that he’s at GRRR. Emmitt gets along with all the other dogs in his foster home and will make a wonderful companion to a new family.

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