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Jackson - Golden Angel


Hi to everybody at GRRR! I can’t wait to tell you my story and how I became a very lucky little GRRR Golden Angel. Let’s see, where should I begin? My life has changed so much since I joined GRRR that all the neglect I suffered seems almost like a bad dream now. It’s hard to imagine a few months ago I was struggling to survive. I guess the best way to tell my story is to start with the very first day that my new life began. One morning when I was just six months old, my owner took me to the shelter. When the shelter staff asked for a surrender fee, she denied that I was her dog and said that she didn’t have the money. Since she couldn’t afford or didn’t want to pay the shelter’s surrender fee, we left. As we were leaving she spotted the night drop box for unwanted pets. My owner started to shove me into that cold, metal outdoor box. It was a bitter cold winter day in Idaho, and I was terrified to be left in that awful box. Just as I was starting to panic, the nicest lady stopped to see what was going on. I later found out she was Julia Townsend with Helping Animals Rescue Team (HART) in Idaho Falls, ID. I knew from the look on her face that the condition I was in horrified her as she gazed at me. I was literally starving to death. It was really hard for her to hide her shock and the sadness she felt. My owner told Julia I wasn’t her dog, but since I wouldn’t leave my owner’s side even without a leash on, it was pretty obvious to Julia that I was her puppy. I was very attached to her. She was the only family I had ever known. Julia offered to go inside with us and pay the surrender fee just to keep me out of the cold. The more she looked at me, the more she realized that, in spite of my black color, I look very much like a Golden. That’s when she had this wonderful idea to contact GRRR! Julia described me in a text message to Mary: “I was absolutely sick when I saw him. Not one ounce of meat or muscle on this poor little guy and yet he is happy and so sweet. He is a special boy who will need a lot of special attention. I am just heartbroken for this sweet boy.” Mary replied “Yes, we can help him” and I knew from the smile on Julia’s face that things were going to be okay. That was the day my new life began. Off I went on a road trip with another wonderful lady, Lisa Voigt, who is the other half of the great HART team. We met up with GRRR volunteers Sandra and Jim Brausch who were vacationing in Jackson, WY. They were so kind to me, and even gave me my special new name—Jackson—for the beautiful city where we met. Just like everybody who meets me, they immediately fell in love with me because I’m so grateful and affectionate and so very sweet. I loved them, too! I could tell my life was just going to get better and better! Then off we went on another road trip to meet Alan Davidson, another volunteer, who brought me the rest of the way to Colorado and my new life with GRRR. One of the first people I met was Mary Kenton at Phoebe’s Place. Here’s how she describes our first meeting: “When Jackson arrived, he was not fearful as we expected. He was loving, affectionate, starving for all that he had missed out on. How could anyone let this precious boy get in this condition? He stood shivering, not because he was afraid, but because his tiny little body had no fat on it at all. He was immediately fitted with a little blue coat to help keep him warm. And, of course, all the warm and loving hugs he received from everyone helped too! We were determined to give him every chance we could, but with his malnutrition and being so emaciated, we were unsure if we could save him. What this little guy survived was unthinkable. He is definitely one of the worse cases of neglect we’ve ever encountered, and such a darling puppy with the most loving, sweet, forgiving personality.” Right away I was taken to visit Dr. Carpenter at Arvada West Animal Hospital. I had an exam, vaccinations, blood tests, a heartworm test and all the great medical treatment Goldens get when they first arrive. Oh, and more hugs and love from everyone there, too! I was immediately started on nutritious (and delicious!) food given to me at frequent intervals. I gobbled up all that special puppy food and even some good old-fashioned home cooking at Phoebe’s Place. With all the food and love, I’ve been getting happier and healthier each day. My spirits soared when I was given a warm sudsy bath. Nothing has ever felt that wonderful! Mary told me, “If only we could wash away all the memories of your horrible short life.” But I’m a happy little guy and now I act like I’ve never had a care in the world. All I want to do is cuddle up to my new special friends. When I got a little stronger it was time to be neutered and my teeth needed some attention. They were so brown and stained that they looked like those of a twelve-year-old dog. Dr. Carpenter cleaned and polished them until they were pearly white and sparkling. I am still having my blood work monitored at regular intervals, and each time there is some improvement. Every single day for me is such a gift from all of you. I’m sure I’m the luckiest fellow in the world! Mary’s description of how I adjusted to my wonderful new life sums up my joy perfectly: “This little boy soon became the star at Phoebe’s Place. He’s our ‘little guy’ who needs all of us, and we need him. It has been so heartwarming to watch him bloom before our eyes and know that the Golden Angel Fund, along with all the wonderful volunteers, are making this happen for him. The best part has been watching him starting to love life and being loved. He now has lots of doggie friends to play with. He is out every day going for walks, playing, and of course snuggling with our volunteers. He appreciates every morsel of food, every pet, every cuddle, every ball toss. He curls up in bed with me at night and snuggles up like he can’t get close enough. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for him. He won our hearts from the moment we saw the pictures of him taken the day he was rescued by HART.”

You Can Help

With your donations, our Golden Angel Fund helps improve the life of our Goldens that need special medical treatments. Some Goldens require special medications or surgeries. Without medical help, many of them will not be likely candidates for adoption.

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