Special Goldens Needing Extra Care

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Seavers - Golden Angel


Seavers, named after baseball great Tom Seaver, is an 11.5-year-old pure-bred Golden Retriever. He was delivered to GRRR with his AKC paperwork in early November 2012, and shows all the lovable qualities found in Goldens: sweet, affectionate, and smart. His original owner died, and Seavers lived with his owner’s girlfriend for two years. She recently moved and couldn’t take him with her. So after he was groomed, his original owner’s brother arranged for him to come to GRRR. Seavers had struggled with allergies and ear infections his entire life. He had been on a special diet to help with his special needs. However, his human step-mom didn’t feel it was working, so she switched him to regular food. When Mary Kenton, GRRR’s resident caretaker at Phoebe’s Place, met Seavers, she noticed that this cuddly and playful Golden was very itchy. After closer inspection, she realized his ear canals were thick with scar tissue, evidence of his long life of enduring chronic ear infections. Then his skin—his skin was black and thick from recurring allergies and skin infections. Aside from the scar tissue, Mary also noticed that his ears were packed with a substance that looked like peanut butter. And it not only looked terrible, but it also smelled terrible! There was also a protruding mass on his hip next to the base of his tale. This sweet, adorable Golden boy needed some extra care, so Seavers was taken to Dr. Carpenter, GRRR’s veterinarian at Arvada West, right away. Dr. Carpenter found a yeast infection in his skin and secondary bacterial infection due to scratching and licking. Seavers also had a full senior screen blood panel completed, and he was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor on his hip. Seavers was placed on Ketoconizole, an anti-yeast medica- tion, and Cefalexin, an antibiotic to work on getting rid of his skin infections. In addition, he was to have medicated baths weekly—if not more—to help alleviate the itching and help with healing his skin. We all know how much our furry loved ones enjoy having baths! As for his tumor, Seavers had his surgery and all went well. The tumor was found to be cancerous, but it has been successfully removed. However, there is always a chance of recurrence, so he must be monitored and checked for cancer regularly. After his surgery, Seavers continued to receive his weekly medicated baths, and his skin and coat improved each week. (Now his hair is so beautiful!) He spent his days playing with the other furry residents at Phoebe’s Place, and enjoyed all the volunteers who came to spend time with him daily. But his ears still gave him problems. Even with treatment, Seavers’ itching with his ears continued. He would dive into the grass, or onto a dog bed or couch, to rub his ears. Watching him was brutal, knowing he was suffering with this condition! He was eventually placed on Prednisone to try to alleviate some of his pain and itching. During Christmas, Mary checked him over, and it looked like a cyst had exploded in his ears. He was then taken back to see Dr. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter put him under to take a good look in those ears again and ran a culture that revealed a staph infection. Seavers was then placed on a new regime of treatment: new oral antibiotics, a new ear drop Dr. Carpenter made specifically for his infection, and twice daily ear washes with a vinegar/water mixture. Even with all his hardships, Seavers’ lovable Golden personality is still shining through. He is very affectionate, playful, and you would never guess his age—his current wrestling partner is Walter, an 18-month-old who can’t wait for the nightly wrestling matches with Seavers! Seavers is also an intelligent, vocal boy and will let you know when he’s ready to eat, needs to be with you, or wants to go outside. The smart communicator that he is, there is no guessing with him; he’s not amused when left outside in the cold and will complain loudly! Seavers is still receiving treatment because his infection was so bad, but it is only a matter of time for it to completely go away. Now that the “whys” of his mysterious itches are being solved, this friendly boy is on the path to healing. He continues to enjoy the other furry residents at Phoebe’s Place and the volunteers that spend time with him, while he gets ready to find his loving forever home.

UPDATE: Seavers found a fabulous loving forever home, where he lived out his days in love and happiness. Seavers crossed the rainbow bridge in his owners arms in early 2014. 

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