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Shawnia has been adopted by her loving fosters! Be sure to check out her adoption story following her Golden Angel story. Hello, I’m Shawnia, an eight-year-old Golden/Malamute who came to GRRR to be cared for, nursed back to health and loved. I can’t believe how lucky I am to become a member of the GRRR family. GRRR found out about me on a newsletter called “Ewoof” where there was an ad desperately asking for help finding a new home for me. After seeing my picture and reading my story, the wonderful volunteers at GRRR knew just how badly I needed help and came to my rescue. I had suffered two tragic injuries and had been in the shelter system for nine long months while going through surgery and rehab. It was a very rough time for me. It all started when my owner went off to college and her father moved into an apartment. That’s when I was taken to a scary place called a shelter. I was very lonely and confused at the shelter, and I would jump up on the gate hoping to see my family coming back for me. I wanted so badly to be free of that cage and be with the people I loved. Sadly, one time while jumping up on the gate I got caught in the wire fencing and my leg snapped. The pain was agonizing! I was taken to a vet hospital where a wonderful Good Samaritan vet did major surgery on my badly broken leg, putting it back together as best he could. Everyone there loved me and took such good care of me. When I was stable enough, I was sent back to the shelter. I’m not sure why, but someone decided it would be best for me to return to my original family to be fostered while I recovered from my surgery. I loved being back with them, but tragically while I was there I managed to re-break my leg again, and this time it was even worse. I was taken back to the same hospital. I couldn’t hide how sad I was or how much pain I was in — my eyes told the story. Everyone there was devastated and so sad for me. They had invested so much love and care to help me get better and have a chance at a happy life. Now it was all shattered, and I had to begin the long road to recovery all over again. I underwent another long and painful operation, but again the wonderful people at the hospital were there to hold my paw. They knew I could never go back to the shelter, and that’s when they posted an ad on “Ewoof” and GRRR found me. One look at my sweet, shy little face and reading about how long I had been in this situation, and they knew it had gone on long enough – they were going to help me! A foster home extraordinaire opened up where I could become part of a pack and a loved family member all rolled up into one until I was well enough to be adopted. My amazing foster moms, Joan and Kim, took me to see Dr. Carpenter who discovered a pin had been placed in my little leg to hold it together. The bone was badly compressed and not healing well. Over the past several months I have become a regular visitor at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital. I love Dr. Carpenter and all the wonderful employees. Dr. Carpenter prescribed Rimadyl, Gabapentin and Tramadol (very expensive medicines that the Golden Angel Fund took care of) to help with the pain and healing. At my most recent check-up, he decided it was time to remove the pin from my leg and shoulder. That was operation #3, but I sailed right through it. The pin is gone now, but I’ll have the wires forever. The fracture site is healed and the nerve damage has improved. I no longer trip when I walk because I have feeling in my leg again. My leg is shortened and rotated out resulting in a permanent limp, but I’m getting around quite well. The best news is I’m ready to find my forever home! Isn’t that exciting? Joan and Kim took me to be professionally groomed and I look so pretty. My coat is soft and shiny and there is a new sparkle in my eyes. I get along with everyone. I love my canine foster brothers and people of all ages. I love to be with my foster family and I want so much to please. I learn quickly and share my many toys and bones with my foster brothers. I ride great in the car and never close my eyes because I don’t want to miss a single thing. I love to go anywhere anytime. When the leash comes out I’m first in line, but for now my walks are confined to the yard. I’m very sweet and want to please. I’m going to make such an incredible new friend for someone. It’s a dream come true for me. Nine months ago I was homeless, sad, lonely, injured and unable to comprehend why life had been so hard on me. Now through the kindness of all the donors and volunteers at GRRR, I’ll be able to find a loving forever home of my very own. Each of you helped save my life. It’s so incredible! The Golden Angel Fund saves many Golden lives and I am very thankful to be one of them. I’ll always have my limp to remind me of my past, but once I have a new family it won’t really matter. I promise to make my forever family very happy and give them all the love I’ve been saving up. Is there any chance I’ll be going home with you? Shawnia’s was adopted by her fabulous foster, and they sent the following update on her new life: Shawnia (Nia) has been with us since being rescued by GRRR from Wyoming. The first 2 months she was on limited activity with restrictions due to a fractured right shoulder. She was also quite overweight. Well good news on all fronts. Her leg has healed and much of the hardware from her surgery has been removed. She will always limp but that does not slow her down in the least. She has been off exercise limitations for several months and in that time she has become very fit and trim. She has lost 20 pounds and now weighs 70 pounds which is close to her ideal weight. She lives with 3 Golden brothers, Stoner, Packer and Henry. They all love her but Packer adores her and Henry is her partner in crime (digging holes, chasing critters and roaming the hillside of our property). Nia easily snowshoes or hikes 5 miles a day. What she lacks in physical ability she makes up for by pure determination to follow Henry wherever he goes. She loves meal time, carrots for snacks, chewing on hard bones, gutting stuffed animals and a good car ride. She is sweet and loving and has a nice mix of Golden and Malamute traits. She howls like a Malamute when the urge hits her. We have all come to love this 8-year-old girl. Nia had a rough year before GRRR came to the rescue. She was in a shelter for 9 months after being given up by her family, suffered 2 broken legs, was obese and out of shape and is advancing in years. Given all of this and the fact that she fits into our home and pack so well, we have decided to make our home her forever home. We are “foster failures” but it feels right. Joan Pribyl & Kim Sadar

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